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5 Key Advantages of Online Music Lessons


You could easily and effectively learn how to play a new music instrument with online music lessons.

In the past year we all faced a global crisis that completely changed our lives. Social distancing required us to think up a way to keep our activities going and forced us to adapt the new “normal” as quickly as possible. Through the past year I had the chance to experience quite a lot of giving online music lessons.  It felt pretty weird in the beginning but eventually people learned how to use technology more effectively and adapted to the new way of transferring knowledge.
Taking online music lessons has lots of advantages and could bring you closer to fulfilling your dream to start playing a new music instrument. 

Some of you probably know that I teach Kaval. Most music lessons take place online and I often get asked how it works with music when it’s entirely online. People tend to be quite prejudiced when it comes to learning music online. Some of my students were also quite negative at first. Of course that’s completely understandable. It is absolutely clear to everybody that nothing can really replace live lessons. However, we should all admit that online music lessons has its advantages and in certain occasions it could be even more convenient than the actual live lessons. 
Here you could take a look at my latest kaval online music course, composed of 12 online music lessons for beginners. 

In fact the experience of learning and teaching online can be improved significantly if the teachers and the students are willing to invest a little amount of money in a better sound and video equipment. Don’t get me wrong here, there’s no need to invest thousands of euros. A Couple hundred will do a pretty good job, but let’s not get carried away here. In this article I’ll show you 5 of the advantages of online music learning over the live lessons. 

1. Comfort

Sitting at your desk or just chilling on your couch and being taught at the same time… Sounds cool and pretty convenient. Feeling the comfort of your own home and having a lesson about an exotic music instrument such as the kaval – all that, without even having to go anywhere, isn’t that great? It gets even better if your teacher invested in good video and audio gear. It’s still not like the live lesson but it can get pretty close to it.

2. Lower costs

Although the actual price of the lessons might be equivalent to the traditional ones, you still save money on traveling, parking and different materials which can be easily transferred via email, if the lessons take place online. At first those expenses may not seem a lot but they can certainly add up over time. 
The price of the kaval online music course is only €49.99 and by ordering it, you will be 1 step closer to learning how to play the kaval. 

3. Time saving

Traveling, driving, spending time in traffic, looking for parking, we should admit that it could be quite time consuming. With online music lessons you just open your computer and there we go, you’re there. If the lesson is 40 minutes long then that’s the total time spent for it. 

4. Geographic Flexibility

I’m a kaval player and there aren’t many kaval players in the world. Most of them are situated in the Balkan countries. What’s interesting, though, is that I have students from countries such as the United States, Ireland, France, the Netherlands and even Taiwan. All of them thousands of kilometers away from me. You can imagine that teaching students at such a distance would be impossible if technology was not so developed. It would be so much more difficult, if not impossible, for all those people to learn how to play the kaval. My online lessons give them the opportunity to be directed and taught by a professional kaval player. Receive live feedback and all of that just by sitting in front of their computers at home. 

5. Video record lessons

The possibility to video record your lessons makes it very convenient, too. Of course many of you can say that it’s possible to video record the live lesson, too. That’s true, but it takes time to set up, not everything is visible and it’s distracting. When video recording a lesson online you just click “Record” and you don’t need to worry about that anymore. You have the recording on your computer and you can always review and go through the material after the lesson. 

In the past few months I invested in professional equipment for teaching online. I bought a professional microphone, camera, and sound interface. This, of course, significantly improved the quality of the services I provide. My students noticed that improvement and they were very surprised at how good the quality of online music lessons can be. If you’ve never tried that you can easily get a FREE trial kaval lesson with me. Click HERE to check out all the available courses.

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