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Snow Owl – The Blue Road

Zhivko Vasilev was invited to participate in on of the greatest Latin-jazz players on Earth. Juan Garcia Herreros (The Snow Owl) is a Grammy Nominee from Colombia. The album was recorded in a castle in Austria. Many great musicians, besides Zhivko, such as Stoyan Yankoulov – Stundzhi, Roberto Quintero, were invited to participate in the […]


DelPadre – Rubi

DELPADRE are: Hristo Kolikov: Vocals, Guitars; Cvetan Andreev: Vocals, Guitars; Simeon Ivanov: Guitars, Cajon, Percussion; Aleksander Nushev: E-Bass; Orlin Tsvetanov: Violin; Zhivko Vasilev: Kaval; Sani Kunchev: Percussion; Svilen Angelov: Keyboards, Electronics, Sound Design Additional Musicians: Poly Genova: Lead Vocals (in Bueno); Felipe Salazar Hidalgo: Additional Vocals (in Rubí, Para Ya, Outro, Amor De Rey), Harmonica […]


Outhentic – YesToday

“YesToday” is the debut album of the band. The authentic folklore in it, connected to the past and the history of the Bulgarian people, is melodiously interweaved with the relevant to the culture of our times jazz, funk and pop elements. It is exactly the innovativeness shown in each of the songs that gives the […]

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