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Plastic Kaval – Intro


Intro level – Bulgarian Kaval, made of high quality PVC materials. This version is suitable both for beginners and advanced players. The main difference between that kaval and the more professional ones is of course the material. The finger holes are exactly the same. What is different, though, is the main bore. For the plastic ones we use a pipe which has the same inner diameter throughout the flute. For the wooden ones, this is different because it’s hand crafted and we took care of every detail.

Intro (Suitable for beginners)

  • The “Intro” level kavals are suitable for beginners, but also more advanced students can get them. They are the most budget option in the store but that doesn’t mean they are bad. They can be made either out of Plastic or Wood. They are good kavals, but the materials that are used for manufacturing them are cheaper.

☑️ The instrument was carefully tested, fine tuned and personally approved by Zhivko Vasilev. 

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Here are two videos of Zhivko playing one of those intro level kavals:

Kaval Variant

“Bb” – Si bemol, “C” – “Do", “D” – "Re"


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