Professional Cornelian Cherry Wood Kaval in D


High quality, professional kaval in D, hand crafted of 10 years old cornelian cherry wood. The cornelian cherry wood has been used for manufacturing kavals for decades and has proven to be one of the best materials for kaval manufacturing. The cornelian cherry wood kavals have a beautiful, soft and tender sound that is very characteristic for the Bulgarian style. This makes it excellent both for beginners and professional musicians.

The kaval is made of a high quality cornelian wood. It is hand-crafted on a fine lathe to achieve this polished finish. The luthier of this kaval is Biser Vasilev from Zlatograd. The instrument was carefully tested, fine tuned and approved by Zhivko Vasilev. It is available in two different colours – the natural colour of the cornelian wood and black.

Indian buffalo horn along with special pewter materials and aluminium is used for the mouthpiece and the joints. Not only does this improve the quality of the sound but also it supports the joints when the wood expands after playing. 

  • Comes with a professional high quality leather case
  • Suitable for beginners, advanced and professional players
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • 5 years warranty


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