Zhivko Vasilev Group

Zhivko Vasilev Group is a project that was created in 2020. Some of the most prominent musicians in Bulgaria and in Europe gatherеd and recordеd the original music of Zhivko Vasilev. Later, in 2021, this album was released under the name “Places“. Zhivko Vasilev’s music blends ancient traditions of the Balkans with classical and modern, jazz arrangements and improvisation. The group usually performs as a quintet or octet. The quintet includes: Kaval, piano, bass, drums and cello, and the octet includes all the instruments from the quintet plus two more violins and a viola.

Technical rider of the project: LINK

Places” is the kind of journey that gives you stories as a present. The moment when you leave a place and head for another, where you are bound to leave a part of yourself, again. The moment unexpected horizons unfold, bestowed upon you by the perfect sounds of the “kaval”. Zhivko Vasilev narrates this journey in his eleven original compositions and arrangements, all of them inspired by the essence of Beauty. “Places” has been recorded entirely live and brings a sense of closeness, transparency and purity, through an acoustic rendering It’s there, where music can take you when the eyes cannot.

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