Kaval online music course for beginners

About the kaval online music course

Kaval online music course for beginners.

If you want to learn to play kaval – one of the most exciting music instruments in the world, then you are exactly where you need to be. This is a step by step online music course, consisting of 12 private music lessons that will teach you how to advance with the Bulgarian kaval.

This online music course is prepared by one of the most successful kaval players in Bulgaria – Zhivko Vasilev.

All music lessons that will teach you to play this magical woodwind instrument are filmed and designed by a professional team of video operators, editors and designers.

Material Included in the course

  • 12 professionally filmed video online music lessons
  • Downloadable PDF materials and sheet music for kaval
  • Materials and illustrations prepared by professional designers, included in the lessons
  • Updated Fingering chart for the Kaval in D
  • Technique building exercises and tips
  • Music Theory lessons
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sound improvement exercises
  • Rhythm exercises

What Will I Learn?

  • How to maintain your Kaval
  • How to breathe more efficiently while playing the kaval
  • How to produce sound on the Kaval
  • How to read music and understand music theory
  • How to read and understand the Kaval Fingering Chart 
  • How to play simple melodies on the kaval


  • No required music knowledge
  • Suitable for absolute beginners and intermediate students

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Beginner Bulgarian Kaval Course

Lesson 1 – Introduction4:53
Lesson 2 – Kaval Maintenance – Oiling and Care7:55
Lesson 3 – First Sound6:11
Lesson 4 – Breathing5:18
Lesson 5 – Holding the Kaval4:00
Lesson 6 – Basic Music Notation – Part 17:22
Lesson 7 – Basic Music Notation – Part 25:16
Lesson 8 – Range and Registers4:47
Lesson 9 – Fingering Chart5:42
Lesson 10 – First Tune on the Kaval6:07
Lesson 11 – Second Tune on the Kaval4:34
Lesson 12 – Practice, Practice, Practice4:58

Target Audience

  • People looking for something fresh and exciting
  • People who want to learn to play kaval
  • People who want to be different
  • Adult learners who want to get to know the bulgarian kaval
  • Beginner and intermediate kaval students
  • Music students who can't access a private teacher