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Private kaval lessons

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The 8 Lessons Package (Medium) will teach you all the required skills needed to play simple melodies on the Kaval. It’ll build a strong foundation of musical knowledge and it will help start playing your favourite melodies on the Bulgarian Kaval. Take advantage of the FREE Trial lesson and see if you the course is for you. Scroll down to see the available packages!


Learn Bulgarian Kaval

Zhivko Vasilev is one of the most successful Bulgarian Kaval players. He has a degree in education and performance. He is a Codarts Alumni – one of the most prestigious university in the world.

Technology and music

The lessons are 100% online – via  Zoom. They are suitable for beginners, advanced and professional players and require no musical knowledge. High quality audio and video equipment is used for the lessons.



99 4 Lessons
  • 2 Lessons a Week
  • 35 Minutes Long
  • Period - 2 Weeks


99 8 Lessons
  • 2 Lessons a Week
  • 35 Minutes Long
  • Period - 4 Weeks
  • PDF Handbook


99 12 Lessons
  • 2 Lessons a Week
  • 35 Minutes Long
  • Period - 6 Weeks
  • PDF Handbook


Most frequent questions and answers

If you don’t have a Kaval you can easily get one from the SHOP section of the platform.

The subscription plans above are different options to get individual lessons. You will be charged upfront which means you would have to pay the whole amount before arranging the lessons. As soon as the payment is received you will be able to arrange your lessons. After purchasing one of the plans you will receive an e-mail containing instructions. Follow them, arrange your lesson and enjoy! 

The length of the trial lesson is 15/20 minutes. Its purpose is to meet with me in person (online) so that I can quickly show you what the lessons would be like if you purchase the one of the subscription plans.

After you place an order you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours. In that e-mail you will find instructions on how to arrange your lessons. If you have any difficulties with the system do not hesitate to me. You can do that via e-mail: or just by using the contact form on the contact page. If you purchase a course you will be contacted within 24 hours of your purchase. If you don’t receive an email after your purchase – Please check the spam folder of the email you provided for the purchase.

The lessons can take place at any time that suits you and me. I am very flexible and I can adapt to your schedule. Some of my students have lessons less frequently due to their busy lives. My recommendation is to have lessons twice a week, but we can always adjust the frequency together as we go along.

The PDF handbook contains basic information about the kaval and it can help you get started. In the handbook you will find information such as how to make sound, how to properly maintain your kaval, how to breathe properly when playing the kaval. There’s also basic information about Bulgarian folk music and ornamentation.

Zhivko’s studio is equipped with professional audio and video equipment, so that the lessons  may be as high quality as possible. Here’s a list of the gear that is used for the lessons:
1. iConnectivity Sound interface
2. AKG C414 Microphone
3. Professional studio lights
4. iPhone 14 – used as a web camera.

Get a FREE Trial lesson and decide for yourself if the quality is good enough.